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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Dear Patients, Students & Friends, I know we can all feel the stirring of impending springtime. We have endured one of the most bizarre and formative experiences together this past year- the pandemic has taught us much, and though there has been a great deal of loss and suffering, there have also been blessings tucked between the challenges. I can hardly believe my doors have been closed since early November. I have deeply missed our interactions and the special moments we share in session and in class. It is with much happiness that I announce the reopening of my clinic just after the Spring Equinox, on March 23rd. I am now fully vaccinated, thanks to my designation as a health care provider. 

A few things to share: I will be doing a Spring Tai Chi & Qigong series outdoors at Sunken Park for 10 weeks, starting March 23rd through May 26th. Classes will be at 9 am Tuesdays and 3 pm Wednesdays and are for donation. I know we are all creaky, stiff, and maybe even lonely from winter quarantine, so I look forward to joining together (socially distanced, of course) to get things moving again! In an age where the mind needs rest and the body needs movement, practicing arts such as tai chi and qigong are not superfluous woo fluff- they indeed build a strength of body, a flexibility of mind, and a lightness of spirit that cannot be bought.

  Another announcement: Ohana Acupuncture (group style acupuncture for families and quarantine pods) is here! I can see up to 7 people in my space (3 traditional treatment tables and 4 antigravity recliner chairs). More and more, I realize that our health and wellness is intimately woven into the harmony within our inner circles of friends and family. My intention is to create an environment where families and quarantine pods can affordably and regularly participate in healing rituals such as acupuncture, meditation, massage, aromatherapy, and qigong. 

Group sessions can be used as regular tune-ups, to celebrate a milestone, to move past a shared trauma, to support each other in healing, to learn how to do basic bodywork on loved ones, and to treat PTSD & addictions. The potential for this practice excites me because it is something I wish existed for me and my family when I was growing up. Sometimes it seems that everyone is moving in different directions, and choosing to do something together that feels good goes a long way to restoring our inner peace, sense of belonging, and confidence in our ability to heal and connect.

 Of course, one-on-one sessions for acupuncture, massage and combination sessions will be available. These, and the Ohana Acupuncture sessions will be bookable online through my website. For your convenience, here is a list of my fees: 50 minute, one-on-one: $9550 minute, group of 2: $60 each80-110 minute, group of 3-4: $50 each80-110 minute, group of 5-7: $40 each  

On a personal note- the Wickey Ohana is doing just fine. Finn is nearly 7, so quick witted and an expert lego builder. Conlan just turned 2- he is clever and funny though he definitely likes doing things his way! Matt is gearing up for canoe season, debuting community programming for kids and adults who would like to connect on the water as well as some commercial sunset tours. You can check out what he’s up to by visiting his website: . Exciting times, indeed! Cold water swimming is probably the most interesting recent development on my hobby front. Otherwise, looking after the boys, taking care of our home, practicing tai chi, making friends with seals and nudibranchs, watching Netflix, and delighting in cooking new things has kept my spirits up this winter. Brown Island has been a fantastic home for us, and we love all the duties that go along with our position as caretakers. We have missed our families and friends from afar tremendously and are looking forward to when the world opens up again. 

I’m still chipping away at my QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) certification, so if you’re interested in being a guinea pig and having a nice relaxing experience, drop me a line. No charge, except a donation to cover my babysitter is much appreciated! 

What have you been up to? I would love to hear. Please feel free to write back and reach out should you have any questions at all! 

May you find yourself blessed, happy, and healthy, 

Melissa Wickey March 18th, 2021