The practice of acupuncture has been developing for many thousands of years. Back in the day, when humans lived in nature, meditation and reflection were an essential part of survival. Calming the mind and body through conscious breathing made humans less noticeable to predators. This calming process also activated an inner-seeing capacity that has been largely lost today. Acupuncture theory was built upon the inner-seeing of these ancients, as well as external experiments- using crude stone lances and tools to stimulate points on the body. People became more sophisticated in their application of tools and observations of the body, and from this, modern acupuncture practice was born.

Community-style acupuncture enables people to receive the frequency of treatments they need without the expense of one-on-one sessions. Treatments are administered in a common room, some on anti-gravity style recliners, some on treatment tables. After a brief consultation, needles are inserted, and you are left to rest for 25-35 minutes while I work with other patients.

A note about the therapies I offer: no one technique is the magic bullet that will make all troubles in life vanish. Acupuncture, herbs, massage, and lifestyle recommendations are only parts of the puzzle. An old Chinese proverb says that, “a poor diet wastes the skill of the doctor.” To maximize the effectiveness of the treatments I offer, I cannot emphasize enough the role of positive mental attitude, adequate rest, healthful food choices, and gentle and mindful exercise. The body has its own intelligence, and when it is given the things it needs to thrive (and when those that hinder it are removed), it naturally brings itself back to harmony and can protect itself from pathogens..