Please click here to visit our online-booking site for prices, schedule, and more information. To streamline clinic operations, all services booked online require a credit/debit card on file. Online booking is preferable.

Cancellation Policy: Clients will be responsible for full payment of services that are cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment time. Thank you for honoring our time and yours!

*Melissa will be back in practice in early August offering private acupuncture, community acupuncture, acupuncture/massage combination treatments, and private/group tai chi classes upon completion of her doctorate. Thank you for your continued patience with her limited availability!

Acupuncture– after chatting for a while to get to know each other and formulating our goals, you relax on the treatment table. Enjoy a hot, moist towel on your feet, take a few deep breaths. I take a look at your tongue and feel the pulses at your wrists for information about what is going on. Points are selected, sanitized with rubbing alcohol, and needles are inserted and retained for 15-35 minutes.

Acupuncture/Massage Combination– after chatting to discern goals/intentions, you experience the acupuncture treatment as described above. Once needles are removed, we move into the massage portion. Depending on how much time we have, we may focus on a few key areas, or you can melt away into the deep relaxation of a full body massage.

Tai Chi Classes- Quiet the mind, gently move the body, strengthen yourself, and improve your balance through learning Classical Long Form Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Private, semi-private, and group instruction available.

Massage Therapy– Our therapists have been trained in many modalities of bodywork including but not limited to acupressure, Esalen, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, reiki, prenatal, hot stone, cupping, gua sha & tui na. What comes through is unique to each session. Some parts of the massage may be invigorating and rapid while others may be deep, slow, and flowing. The most important part is for you to breathe, let go, and communicate with me freely.

Wayfinder Wellness Signature Treatment- East meets West in our signature treatment. Skillfully woven into a full-body massage, East Asian modalities of cupping, gua sha, moxibustion (if desired) and auriculotherapy will invigorate your qi, unblock your channels, and help recenter and balance your energy. Please be aware that cupping and gua sha can bring stagnant blood and fluid to more superficial layers of the body which can result in temporary marking or reddening. The marks naturally resolve in a few days.

Community Acupuncture– group sessions for up to 4 people per hour, great for families. Spots are booked and prepaid online, $45 per session. Each member finds a comfortable table or antigravity recliner to lay down on (these will have disposable table paper on them for sanitary reasons). After a brief intake and assessment, I administer the acupuncture, and allow you to rest while I wash my hands and move on to the next person. Needles stay in from 20-35 minutes, and when they are removed, the guest relaxes until they are ready to leave.


Tom Heigler’s philosophy stems from years of studying Krishnamurti and Eckhart Tollee. He believes that we are not our thoughts or emotions, but rather the awareness that is beyond them. He takes a heart centered approach to help individuals and couples find more joy and understanding about themselves, their relationships, and life. His email address is:

Damian Cade’s approach is rooted in over 750 hours of training with The Hendricks Institute. He experiences his clients as whole, right from the start. There’s nothing to eliminate, nothing to move past or get over, nothing missing. Merely, there is the present moment, our vast inner experience, our choices, and how to expand in creativity, love and abundance. He offers individual, relationship, and career counseling as well as body-centered therapy workshops. His website is, and he can be reached at:

Lauren Drake specializes in restoring a sense of wholeness and worthiness in her patients, emphasizing the importance of spiritual health and wellness as well as giving her clients the support they need to shift into new ways of being. Please contact her at with further questions.

Shamanistic Healing– Distance or in person sessions scheduled as your desire/need dictates.  The shamanic journey is used in tandem with healing in the chakras and auric field after an initial dialogue to see where you are on your life’s path.  A post session dialogue helps map out the integration of your re-ordered auric energy field into your cognitive realms. Sessions are also recommended to mark any life rites of passage – births, marriages, initiation into elder hood or even a new job. Please contact Sarah Hanson at for more info.

Wilderness Therapy– Through bringing ourselves into right relationship with nature, we can re-balance our minds, bodies, and spirits. Programs in WT are excellent for individuals as well as groups (families, corporate team building, etc.) Custom tailored experiences can include: Polynesian Sailing/Paddle canoe immersion, ocean & cold water survival, paddle technique (outrigger/SUP/kayak), expedition planning & equipment, rites of passage work (youth with family/Elder council work and witnessing), wilderness medicine, primitive living skills: weaving/cordage/fire making/survival skills, foraging/herbal medicine, Zazen meditation, and breathing/movement/thanksgiving practices. Please contact Matt if you have questions at